• Martin Béchard
    Martin BéchardChief Technology Officer

    Martin has been in software development for over 25 years, and worked in a number of world-class organizations such as Bell Northern Research, Mitel (now Zarlink Semiconductors), Hydro-Quebec and Equifax Canada.

    During his tenure as development manager at Actional Inc., a software vendor specializing in the development and commercialization of integration tools, he participated in integration projects with several Fortune 500 and global companies such as Merrill Lynch, Prudential, SAABRE, Swisscom, Deutch Telekom, and collaborated on the development of OEM solutions for industry-leaders SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and PeopleSoft.

    Martin joined Oceanwide in May 2005 to lead a group of analysts and developers specialized in the use of integration technologies to build a robust and comprehensive architecture and platform to manage all Oceanwide’s integration projects. As Chief Technical Officer, he has re-architected Oceanwide’s existing products and led the creation of the Bridge product, which innovates by allowing business end-users to fully automate the online sale of insurance without any technical programming skills.

    Martin has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.