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Oceanwide is the global leader in marine cargo certificates, with over 1.5 million marine cargo certificates issued every year.

Oceanwide’s certificate issuance software module improves the speed, security and efficiency of generating and issuing marine certificates and other insurance certificates, while enhancing customer service and satisfaction levels.

Certificate Issuance Software Highlights

  • Includes a variety of customizable certificate templates in multiple languages generated as PDF documents.
  • Provides access to industry databases of over 100,000 seagoing vessels to assist the user in selecting their vessel and carrier information.
  • Calculates basic marine premiums, war premiums, steamer additionals, application taxes and other charges.
  • Licensed users can design and build their own custom reports with built-in shipment analysis reports and a link to the Cognos Business Intelligence reporting system.

Certificate Issuance Software Functionality

  • Automatic rating eliminates errors and saves certificate preparation and premium calculation time.
  • Generates and tracks the issuance of all types of marine insurance certificates with duplicate printing controls.
  • Provides 3rd party certificate verification.
  • View policy information and other documentation online.
  • Ensures compliance to policy limits and conditions including government regulatory bodies.
  • Cross-references to the US OFAC list, FBI Most-Wanted and Interpol ensuring certificates are not issued to restricted parties.
  • Automated referral workflow and escalation process for out-of-coverage shipments.
  • Generates reports on premium and loss.
  • Template functionality simplifies certificate generation for repetitive shipments.
  • Quote Request functionality streamlines the processing of quotes for special case shipments.
  • Multilingual issuance in multiple formats with built-in flexibility for Letters of Credit.
  • Print draft and read-only PDF format.

Please contact us to find out how Oceanwide's insurance software can improve the speed, security and efficiency with which you issue certificates.

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