Insurance Declaration Management Software

Storage & warehouse declarations

With Oceanwide's Declaration Management module, insurers and brokers can empower their clients and agents to report risks against bound policies through online agent portal.

Clients and insurers alike benefit from a standardized reporting process enhanced through on-line collaboration, validation, premium calculation, document issuance and automated messaging.

Declaration Management Functionality

  • Customizable screens and workflow enable the recording of all data elements and coverage specific risk information for all types of declarations including turnover declarations, property declarations, location or geographic declarations, bulk declarations, etc...
  • Monitoring of periodical declarations with automated notifications when reports are overdue based on frequency of reporting expected by the policy
  • Ability to validate declaration details and calculate premium per declaration or schedule line item
    • Calculate all premiums, taxes, commissions and any other applicable fees based on a configurable rating engine
    • Validate all data entered as user progresses through the workflow to trigger warnings, referrals, compliance notifications and other workflow events
    • Triggering of applicable insuring conditions, warranties, exclusions or other wordings from a clause library or form database
  • Generation of all declaration documentation including inventory forms, bordereaux, invoices or certificates
  • Plug-in integration points with 3rd party data providers and rating engines 
  • Built-in Business Intelligence for analysis of risk exposure and aggregations based on actual exposures derived from reported values in the declarations modules as compared to total exposure/policy limits 
  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box Marine Insurance functionality for shipment and storage declarations

Please contact us to find out how Oceanwide's insurance software empowers your clients and agents to report risks against bound policies through an online agent portal.

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