Policy Issuance Software

Empower your team to create and issue insurance documents and policies using the mainstream tools embedded in Bridge’s insurance Policy Issuance software module.

Bridge provides automated policy assembly, which incorporates the required clauses and supplemental insurance documents required to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Insurance Document Software Functionality

  • Create and maintain insurance document templates using MS-Word.
  • Quickly and easily build business rules within the insurance document without any programing.
  • Use business rules to determine which documents can be issued and when.
  • Generate documents in editable docx format or as a secure PDF, combine multiple forms within a single PDF, or make each document available for separate issuance.
  • Maintain a library of industry clauses that can be pulled into issued documents.
  • Automatically generate and/or e-mail insurance documents based on the transaction type or triggered by a workflow event.
  • Preview generated insurance documents which, once accepted, are automatically stored with the policy, for on-demand retrieval and review.

Please contact us to find out how Oceanwide's insurance software empowers you to efficiently create and issue insurance documents and policies.

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