Underwriting Workstation

To compete in your market, business needs to be processed quickly, efficiently and accurately. Bridge’s UnderwritingWorkstation module gives you the tools you need to gain a competitive advantage.

Underwriter Workstation Functionality

  • Submission queues, task management, diaries and reminders help underwriters stay on top of your business. 
  • Rating engine that calculates all premiums by coverage and tracks or validates the variance from standard or guideline rates when overriding rating or applying discretionary factors
  • Generation of all quote and policy documents based on intuitive MS-Word templates
  • Built-in collaboration tools and e-mail correspondence to improve communication with agents and other parties. 
  • The underwriter workstation records a history of all communications, documents, activities and more, providing a full audit trail for internal and reporting purposes.
  • Validation and enforcement of underwriting authority with escalation and collaboration to resolve blocks
  • The underwriter workstation seamlessly pulls data from third-party providers for inclusion in the underwriting process.

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