Binding Authority Management

Bridge provides an easy to use tool to process and validate detailed risk and policy data in a consistent manner. For Coverholders that have existing systems, Bridge can either process Excel spreadsheet Bordereaux or be accessed directly using ACORD XML and web services. Coverholders who don’t have their own system can access Bridge through the insurance agent portal to streamline their rating, document issuance and reporting processes, encouraging them to place more of their business through you.

Binding Authority Management Highlights

  • Coverholder data can be processed and imported into your systems in a consistent manner, avoiding rekeying
  • Risk details are automatically validated to ensure compliance to the binding authority cover and identify issues that might otherwise only arise when there is a claim
Binding Authority Management Functionality
  • Uplink feature to easily import bordereaux data from Excel, ACORD XML and other formats
  • Validation against binding authority cover to identify risks where special attention or action is required
  • Complete quote-bind-issue workflow can be provided to the retail broker to allow them to automate their process
  • On-line First notice of loss & claim status

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