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Oceanwide’s boating & yacht insurance solution allows brokers and underwriters to easily distribute and sell yacht insurance, personal watercraft insurance and other boating insurance products over the Internet, all controlled through a centralized on-line administration system.

  • Offers an easily accessible, quick and clean portal for brokers and/or direct insureds to purchase boating & yacht insurance.
  • Instantly calculates applicable premiums, taxes & fees, generates quotes and issues full policy documentation.
  • Provides limitless rating flexibility using Genoa's 5-dimensional rating matrix and unlimited charge engine.
  • Automatically flags exceptions and inserts coverage exclusions.
  • Streamlines referrals and special quotes through a collaborative workflow.
  • Presents an ideal opportunity to quickly and easily develop additional distribution channels.
  • Processes payments through on-line credit card processors or through monthly broker-billing.
  • Integrates to broker and other on-line systems using industry standard web services.
  • Allows users to effortlessly configure multiple products and customize application forms without development.
  • Issues full policy wording and other policy documents consistently with coverage offered .
  • Handles the reporting, adjustment and tracking of claims on-line, in real-time.
  • Links seamlessly with other Genoa modules to enable enterprise reporting & analysis.

Please contact us to find out how Oceanwide's insurance software allows brokers and underwriters to easily distribute and sell boating & yacht insurance products over the Internet.

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