Insurance Certificate Management Solutions

cargo insurance certificates

Oceanwide's insurance certificate management module’s powerful automation and security controls eliminate errors, prevent fraud and simplify certificate tracking. The ease of implementation and universal accessibility of the certificate issuance solution promotes rapid ROI.

The insurance certificate management system ensures that all certificates are issued in accordance with the policy terms and conditions ,and provides risk managers with real-time access to granular data on which shipments are being insured and by whom.

As an additional option, the certificate issuance solution can calculate premiums based on policy rates or, in the case of a flat premium policy, based on internal rates for allocation purposes.

Highlights of our Certificate Issuance Solution

  • Quick and easy certificate issuance 
  • Issues both evidence of cover or negotiable instruments
  • Tools to streamline data entry such as use of templates, dropdowns and lookups into 3rd party databases
  • Automatic validation against policy rules and configurable based on user roles
  • Multi-language, multi currency
  • Available 24/7

Please contact us to find out how Oceanwide's insurance software eliminates errors, prevents fraud and simplifies certificate tracking.

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