Policy Admin System

Bridge is an end-to-end policy admin system that handles all aspects of policy issuance and management.

Policy, Claims and Billing functionality provide industrial strength processing power at a fraction of the cost of other policy admin systems.

Highlights of our Policy Admin System

  • Reduce costs by minimizing or eliminating touch points.
  • Make better decisions, supported by accurate and complete data, and superior insurance reporting.
  • Ensure underwriting excellence and realize greater operational efficiency.
  • Distribute multiple lines of insurance through one integrated policy admin system.
  • Align your organization to the needs of your customers, improve customer servicing.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Third-Party Data Providers.
  • Enhanced business agility to respond swiftly to market needs and opportunities
  • Achieve a stronger bottom line from more accurate, and timely information.

Please contact us to find out how Oceanwide's insurance software handles all aspects of policy issuance and management.

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