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Oceanwide's Hull and P&I insurance software offers brokers and underwriters a centralized online database to manage fleets of insured vessels, other equipment, client policies, related premiums, exposures and billing data.

Highlights of Hull & P&I Software Solution

  • It supports all policy types including all marine hull and liability products.
  • Advanced insured fleet management capabilities.
  • Custom workflow by hull and liability product.
  • Diary items and e-mail remainders based on products-specific business rules.

Functionality of Hull & P&I Software Solution

  • Maintain a database of vessels and/or other related equipment/items insured under Marine hull & liability policies and attach vessels to clients and policies.
  • Ability to pull in vessel details from industry databases with automatic notifications of vessel detail changes.
  • Supports all Blue Water, Brown Water Hull products as well as Marine Liability products.
  • Policy information management (policy holder, vessel details, values, limits, allow able currencies, billing information including installments, insuring conditions, related war policy rates and conditions and valuation).
  • Review and reporting options for stored policy, vessel, client, premium, exposure and claims information.
  • Generation and issuance of all policy documentation including quote letter, policy manuscript and endorsements.
  • Policy lifecycle workflows customizable by Hull or Liability products.
  • Policy submissions and issuances are fast tracked with customizable entry screens.
  • Re-calculation of premiums for full endorsement and renewal management when backdating.
  • Depletion of deposits and recalculation of installments based on fleet changes or vessel activity.
  • Automatic follow-up on installment premium payment.
  • Detailed analysis and reporting on insured fleet details.
  • Multiple integration options available with internal accounting systems.
  • Branded invoices generated for brokers and underwriters for selected policies and present line item details per fleet, vessel or client.
  • Payments and invoices may be recorded against these invoices per line items or on complete invoices, payments and shipments.
  • Supports Direct Bill and Agency Bill invoice methods.

Please contact us to find out how Oceanwide's insurance software empowers you to manage fleets of insured vessels, other equipment, client policies, related premiums, exposures and billing data.

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