Implementation and Training

Training and Reference Materials

Oceanwide provides licensees of the Genoa system with Company employee, administrator and client reference documentation, user guides and other materials to assist in the implementation and training process. These materials are provided in hard copy as well as in MS Word format, and ready for application of branded logos and printing. The Genoa system itself also has a built-in on-line help system, which may be customized for individual licensees. This customization may be performed by Oceanwide personnel or directly by licensee staff using automated tools if desired.

Oceanwide also optionally provides licensees with self-running demonstration presentations on the use of the system to assist in client marketing and training.

To optimize the training process, Oceanwide works with its clients to develop customized operating guidelines and modify the system documentation and training program based on the agreed upon operational policies.

Internal User Training

Oceanwide’s Genoa training for internal staff is designed around the operating policies decided upon by each of its licensees and executed using a combination of personalized seminar training programs and ongoing web conference training presentations.

Seminar training is usually performed in hands-on labs offering PC’s and screens for each user. These sessions guide users through each aspect of the system from the creation of policies, the operation of the client-side site(s), the monitoring of activity and generation of reports and the handling of special case situations. These training seminars normally take 2-3 full days. Oceanwide recommends seminars of between 10-25 persons administered by 2 trainers. All trainees will require their own PC with Internet access. All training would be performed on the Genoa demonstration site and database, suitably prepared for the training session.

In the case where there are several physically disparate regions and many individuals to train, costs may be reduced by training a core group at head office and a user from each operational group in each region (Administrators, Underwriters, Claims & Accounting), as applicable. These users, selected for their strong communications skills, would in turn, act as internal support and training resources for others in the region.

As follow-up to the hands-on training seminar, Oceanwide offers follow-up training for all users through scheduled web-conferences, 1-2 hours in duration, covering specific aspects of the system. These sessions allow users who have missed the initial seminars to receive training and also provide a forum for users who are currently having difficulty to receive additional instruction. It also allows users from different regions to discuss issues related to specific day-to-day operations with an Oceanwide customer service representative. These sessions will be customized based on decisions made throughout the pilot on system use and procedures. This approach ensures a structured and uniform rollout of the application within the organization. The web conference sessions cover:

  • Recording shipments and storage declarations
  • Issuing certificates
  • Claims recording and management
  • Policy & Insured Setup
  • Tracking and managing ongoing activity
  • Accounting
  • Administration

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