Comprehensive and Collaborative
Marine Insurance Systems

Since 1998, our fully hosted solutions have been rolled out globally with the largest Brokers, Underwriters and Assureds. They have set the standard for automation and control of business processes related to Submission Management, Policy Administration, Premium Rating, Certificates and Claims Management.

Cyber Risk Assessment Tool From Oceanwide

Oceanwide has worked with CGI, a world class leader in the area of cyber risk, to develop a new Cyber Risk Assessment tool that can be used to assess an insured’s cyber vulnerability across a range of risks. The tool can be used as a stand-alone product or can be integrated with rating or policy processes to create more robust and dynamic cyber insurance products.

Take the Policy Administration Configurability Challenge

Launch new products in weeks, not years. No custom programming or scripting. Capitalize on new market opportunities. Reduce total operating costs. Freedom from high professional service fees.

Modern Approach For An Increasingly Complex Market

Bridge, the latest offering from Oceanwide, offers a new approach to insurance policy administration systems. Designed from the ground up to be fully configured without custom programming, Bridge empowers insurers, MGAs, and brokers to take creative new ideas to market in weeks, not years.


Oceanwide’s Bridge Underwriting gives you the tools you need to gain a competitive advantage in your market where business needs to be processed quickly, efficiently and accurately…

Policy Administration

Commercial and specialty lines insurance can be quite complex. To handle the complexity, insurers need a policy administration system that is built to support their needs for growth, operational efficiencies and meeting market demands. Bridge Policy Administration empowers you to efficiently manage your policies throughout the entire lifecycle…


Bridge Portal provides an easy-to-use and consistent interface for all users of your IT applications, both internal and external. Bridge Portal can quickly and easily deploy multiple portals that are branded and customized for different users, products and function while maintaining a consistent user experience…